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Book of the Month FAQ

Q: If I purchase multiple copies of the Book of the Month, will I receive multiple free copies to sow?

A: That is a great question! We will include one additional book per order. So if you purchase four copies of the book, we will include one additional book FREE for you to sow into the life of someone else.

Q: Do I need a specific coupon or code in order to receive my free copy?

A: Not at all! Just order your Book of the Month and we will include a FREE copy. No code needed!

Q: Does the Book of the Month offer apply to all formats of the book (Kindle, ePub, and physical books)?

A: The Book of the Month offer applies when you purchase a physical copy of the book. If you would to then like a digital version to share with a friend, we are happy to send that over—just make sure to let us know. But in order to receive a free second copy, a physical book must be purchased.


Stephen D. Elliott

Stephen Elliott is the program director and professor of pastoral ministry for church planting at Kingswood University in New Brunswick, Canada. He understands what it means to plant and pastor a dynamic church. In 1983, he and his wife Helen began a church plant in Ottawa, Ontario. Over a 22 year period, he led the beginning handful of people to grow to a congregation of over 1,300. After several decades in ministry, he became convinced that God had a more fruitful and biblically-faithful way of growing His church.